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The Challenge

To develop a multi-brand identity and go-to market strategy for a holding company, with multiple business units. Our challenge was to create a consistent look and voice across Kambr’s various products and channels.

The Process

From the start, we knew we needed a base identity that would strike the perfect balance between a uniform design and give each of Kambr’s business units enough space to show-off their unique attributes. 

Once executed, we worked on the base identity to create a logo that would be versatile enough to personify Kambr in its entirety, while still properly representing each of the three products under the Kambr parent company.

Once we had the foundational branding building blocks in place, we derived a multifaceted go-to market strategy that included PR, performance marketing, content development and product marketing. 

Kambr logo before and after designed by Yellow Cat Five

The Result

We were able to construct an effective multi-brand modular brand strategy for Kambr, that provided an exceptional platform to formally launch the brand, while also providing plenty of flexibility to evolve over time.

With the core branding elements in place (across the board from digital and web all the way through templates, business cards and email signatures), we had the building blocks necessary to facilitate the next steps of the go-to-market strategy.

The centerpiece was the development of Kambr Media, Kambr’s very own branded newsroom covering commercial aviation, paving the way for thought leadership, raising brand awareness and capturing leads. 

Kambr Media before and after logo design by Yellow Cat Five

After launching the brand, we launched a PR campaign which garnered press clippings from A-level publications such as Business Insider, AdExchanger and Skift. In total, the campaign received 117 total pickups and reached an audience of over 20M. 

As the company and its product matured we introduced paid social and Adwords to the media mix to increase brand exposure and drive additional leads. By leveraging highly granular audience targeting, we were able to optimize campaign performance. LinkedIn advertisements in particular achieved an astounding level of success performing at click-through rates of four times the industry average.

Kambr Media before and after web design by Yellow Cat Five

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