The agency-client paradigm is broken. We know because we’ve lived both sides of the same story. We know what work is and that how it’s being done is changing.

This is precisely why we exist.

We’re here to correct the problems of today while we grow and prepare for tomorrow’s landscape. We don’t get amped up about industry jargon and buzzwords like, “brand influencers,” “CLV,” and “brutalist design.”

We don’t live in the clouds, talking about abstract concepts and whimsical ideas. We focus on the work at hand and develop executions that get you closer to YOUR goals.

We focus on the tangible, communicating clearly without verbosity. We don’t live for trends or worry about fitting a certain image. Our principles are timeless; we put YOU at the center stage.

We're global. We're inclusive.
We're transparent. We get stuff done.

We are Yellow Cat Five.

Who We Are

We are diverse. We have a global mindset. We think and work beyond borders;  Yellow Cat Five works with and fosters international clients. We are honest, to-the-point, and effective.

Our Mission

To Challenge the traditional agency while working to provide all our clients strong purposeful work. Our strength in the industry is our creativity, honesty and transparency.

work with us

The Founding Five

...and our furry mascot

Nehmi Klaassen

Joseph Vito DeLuca

Mariana Vera

Rita Ferreira

Eric Berglund


What's in a Name?

So you might be curious why we call ourselves Yellow Cat Five. The inspiration comes from the Cat5 cable that transmits broadband internet, which is synonymous with our connected global distributed workforce.

If you peel off the outer layer of a Cat5 cable, you see a series of different colored wires tethered together to form its inner core just as our diverse team comes together to create a uniform, aligned unit.

The number five is representative of our founding team (Rita, Mariana, Eric, Nehmi, Joe). And quite frankly, cats rule the internet!

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Our Core Values

At Yellow Cat Five, we are:


We are true to our clients, true to our word, and will always have your best interests at heart.


We eliminate opaqueness. Using tools like Asana, we share our work and process with our clients.


We are out-of-the-box thinkers, combining unique perspectives to transcend modern-day obstacles.


By truly listening to our clients/ partners, we work towards becoming an integral part of your team.


We are global, without borders, and without prejudice, catering to clients all across the world.


Always adapting, ever-evolving. We are efficient with no desire to create work for works sake.

The future agency is a collective of distributed strategists, creatives, doers and makers who stretch the globe to provide an unheralded degree and depth of specialized talent.


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