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C2 Ventures

The Challenge

C2 Ventures is an ideal client because they understand content marketing and brand building, but simply needed the platform and extra set of hands to execute.

It was our task to empower them to produce and refine their raw content into brand-building initiatives, while consulting them on future strategic-based content to pursue and publish. 

The Process

In conjunction with implementing and executing on C2 Ventures content and social strategy, we took C2V’s existing assets and transformed them into a dynamic and fresh brand. 

This was a necessary measure as their existing digital identity did not match the values and themes presented in their external communications. 

Starting from scratch, we developed a brand new website, which displayed the fresh new brand identity. This became their new hub for content, including video series, a monthly newsletter, social media content and blogging.

Additionally, we aided the C2V team with other external communications such as company and funding decks and webinars/digital events. 

The Result

Working with the bright yellow as our anchor and main color, the brand refresh resulted in a cleaner and fresher look for C2V. Using a grey and yellow palette, the final look is professional, while also communicating energy, hopefulness and fun. 

Furthermore, we incorporated key elements to personify C2V’s core values such as guidance, consultation and mentorship with imagery such as lighthouses, clear paths and upward-facing arrows.

All of these features applied to a new web presence provided the canvas for C2V’s content and brand to flourish. 

C2 Ventures web design before and after

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