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The Challenge

Propel only had a very basic and lightweight logo for its brand identity and needed to build a digital presence from the ground up. We were tasked with bringing this new brand to life. 

The Process

It was apparent that our first step would be to completely overhaul the existing Propel logo and build an entire brand around it. We took the existing assets and created a much more dynamic and modern identity, complete with a bold and strong color palette.

From there, we built a comprehensive brand guideline including a font family, a color hierarchy and usage perimeters. After building the remaining brand assets, we went to work on building a lightweight and easy to manage website that’s easily scalable. 

The Result

The final execution resulted in a brand exemplifying modernity, efficiency and maturity. The modern geometric brand concept was translated into an abstracted version of propeller logomark and paired with a unified, light weight and balanced wordmark.

This provided the foundation for Propel to develop its digital presence in the form of a new website and creating unified social channels. Furthermore, we provided templates and other marketing collateral to ensure an integrated and consistent brand presence across the board.

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